Katharina Lehmann uses the unique Thread-Drip Painting technique to create her sculptural pieces. Countless threads intersect and intertwine to form a network, an organic environment, infusing the monochrome, hardened acrylic landscape with life and movement. The idiosyncratic artworks transcend the two-dimensional nature of the canvas; the chaos of tangled, layered threads becomes an entity, taking shape to create a unique piece of art, as it begins to adapt to its territory, growing into existence in a mythical space between painting and sculpture. Creativity and technical craftsmanship create the ‘entity’, which is then free to be interpreted from every angle and perspective: to be freely experienced as art. Perhaps you see a shadowy mountain landscape, maybe a crumpled sheet or a cleverly woven web, - the inimitable magic of Katharina Lehmann’s artwork lies in the constant fluidity of the image. The visual ambiguity prevents the observer from drawing conclusions, inviting them to explore the facets of life and nature.


Katharina Lehmann @ studio in Munich. Photo © Julia Milberger, 2017
Katharina Lehmann @ studio in Munich. Photo © Julia Milberger, 2017

1984 - born in Western Siberia, Russia 

Nationality: Russian and German (dual citizenship) 

Lives and works in Munich, Germany  


2003 - 2006 - Designschule München (Munich School of Design)

Commercial and Communication Design, specialising in Graphic and Media Design


2005 - Hyvinkää School of Art - Fine Arts, Photography, Graphic Design, Finland




BBK München u. Oberbayern e.V., Munich, DE

Kunstverein München, Munich, DE

IAA International Association of Art, Berlin, DE



Collections & Museums

m beck collection, Homburg, DE

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Collection, Shanghai, CN



Grants & Prizes

2020 - Nominated for PHÖNIX Art Prize, Tutzing, DE

2019 - Artist residency program at Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, CN (6 months)

2019 - Nominated for BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER, Cologne, DE

2018 - Nominated for Artig Art Prize, Gallery Kunstreich, Kempten, DE

2018 - Nominated for BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER, Cologne, DE

2018 - Big Awards - Barcelona International Gallery Awards, ES

2017 - Nominated for 24. Aichacher Kunstpreis, Aichach, DE

2017 - Shortlisted, Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, IT

2017 - Marialuisa Sponga Award, Como, IT



Exhibitions (Selection)



• Solo Show, COSPACE Gallery, Shanghai, CN (solo)

• ARTiges, Kunstverein Ottobrunn e.V., Ottobrunn, DE



• Transcendent Shapes, L′appartement 58 - Münchner Kunstsalon, Munich, DE (solo)
• Berührtes Land - Agrikultur in der zeitgenössischen Sicht, Bauerngerätemuseum, Ingolstadt, DE

• 27. Aichacher Kunstpreis, Aichach, DE

• ARTMUC Art Fair, Munich, DE

• Invisible Visible, COSPACE Gallery, Shanghai, CN

• Tour Exhibition of the 10th International Exhibition of Traditional Fine Arts, Jiading, Yangpu Stations, Shanghai, CN

• Many a Little Makes a Mickle, Shanghai Art Collection Museum, Shanghai, CN

• Art Plus Shanghai & M50 online exhibition, COSPACE Gallery, Shanghai, CN

• The Palm Beach Show, COSPACE, West Palm Beach, US

• LA Art Show, COSPACE, Los Angeles, US



• Nur mit uns, Galerie der Künstler, Munich, DE

• 8th anniversary of the SAPH, Shanghai, CN

• „das kleine format“, Dießen, DE

• ARTMUC Art Fair, Isarforum/Dt.Museum, Munich, DE

• Von denen, die auszogen, Villa Streccius, Landau, DE

• Kunst im Karrée 2019, Munich, DE

• L'appartement 58, Munich, DE

• YOKO ONO. WATER EVENT (with concept „The Transformation of the Self“), MdbK Leipzig, DE

• APART - galerie m beck, Saarbrücken, DE

• galerie m beck, Durbach, DE (solo)

• Alltag oder Die Suche nach Weltformeln, galerie m beck, Homburg, DE

• Art Karlsruhe, galerie m beck, Karlsruhe, DE



• Pictures in the Dark, galerie m beck, Homburg, DE

• Der See und wir, Kulturforum Blaues Haus, Dießen, DE

• Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt, galerie m beck, Frankfurt, DE

• C.A.R. – Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, DE

• Spurensuche³, Kulturforum Blaues Haus, Dießen, DE

• Art Salzburg, galerie m beck, Salzburg, AT

• Art Market Budapest, galerie m beck, Budapest, HU

• MOMENTUM, Art & Space Gallery, Florence, IT

• BIG Awards, CAGE Gallery, Barcelona, ES

• Numbers and Figures and Letters, galerie m beck, Homburg, DE

• Seemingly Save Universe, galerie m beck, Homburg, DE (solo)

• Living Between Dimensions - Katharina Lehmann/Stefanie Welk, Gallery Benjamin Eck, Munich, DE (duo)

• Miniartextil, Museo del Tessile, Busto Arsizio, IT

• 6 years studio Engl - annual studio exhibition, Atelierhaus Engl, Munich, DE

• Abstract, Gallery Benjamin Eck, Munich, DE

• artig Art Prize, Kunstreich Gallery, Kempten, DE

• Arte Vicenza, Vicenza, IT

• Miniartextil, Château du Val Fleury, Gif-sur-Yvette, FR

• Arte Genova, Genoa, IT

• Borderline - 14th edition of Miniartextil, Le Beffroi de Montrouge, Paris, FR 



• Luxembourg Art Fair, galerie m beck, LU

• Borderline - 27th edition of Miniartextil, ARTE & ARTE, Como, IT

• Sotheby‘s Benefit Art Auction in favour CS Hospiz Rennweg, Novomatic Forum, Vienna, AT

• 24. Aichacher Kunstpreis, Art Association Aichach, DE

• ortung X - Schwabacher Kunsttage im Zeichen des Goldes, Schwabach, DE

• The Space Within - Katharina Lehmann/Jürgen Heinz, Gallery Benjamin Eck, Munich, DE (duo)

• arkadenale. go to paradise, Kunstarkaden, Munich, DE

• Hinter der blauen Tür - annual studio exhibition, Atelierhaus Engl, Munich, DE

• Kopfkino, Koordinaten Artspace, Wasserturm Dachau, Dachau, DE

• Tisser les rêves - 13th edition of Miniartextil, Le Beffroi de Montrouge, Paris, FR 



• Organic Networks, galerie m beck, Homburg, DE (solo)

• Black Cubes Solos, Art & Space Gallery, Munich, DE (solo)

• To Weave Dreams - 26th edition of Miniartextil, ARTE & ARTE, Como, IT

• Licht4, Art Association Dahn, Dahn, DE

• Annual studio exhibition, Atelierhaus Engl, Munich, DE

• Minimal x Monochrome - The Bikini Diaries, Würth Fine Arts & Max Weber Six Friedrich, Berlin, DE

• 2947 - multidisciplinary fine arts show, Humboldtschloss Art Museum, Hettstedt, DE

• Art Karlsruhe, galerie m beck, Karlsruhe, DE  



• Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, ARTvergnuegen, Hamburg, DE

• Contemplation, Størpunkt - Gallery for Contemporary Art, Munich, DE

• Licht II, galerie m beck, Homburg, DE

• Annual studio exhibition, Atelierhaus Engl, Munich, DE

• ARTMUC Art Fair, Praterinsel, Munich, DE

• STROKE Art Fair, Praterinsel, Munich, DE

• MONOCHROMOSOMEN, Electric Artcube, Domagk Studios, Munich, DE

• ART Innsbruck, DA. Rheinfelden Gallery, Innsbruck, AT

• Auftakt Kunst 2015, Pop-Up Gallery, Munich, DE



• IrReal - when abstract meets reality, Werkstatt Gallery, Munich, DE

• Art International Zurich, Kitz Art Gallery, Zurich, CH

• ARTMUC Art Fair, Praterinsel, Munich, DE

• Annual studio exhibition, Atelierhaus Engl, Munich, DE

• Art Karlsruhe, Art Association ART Baden-Baden e.V., Karlsruhe, DE